Overall purpose

Our core purpose is to help manage risk and its consequences for our Members and clients in the marine industries. This is delivered through three pillars of excellence - knowledge and expertise, financial strength and long-term relationships – with corporate responsibility being a key part of each one. 



Knowledge and expertise

We capture data, analyse and share intelligence and information with the shipping and insurance communities to continuously raise standards and improve learning. Our claims handling teams have a unique ability to make a tangible, positive impact.



Long term relationships

We build long term relationships with external stakeholders and maintain a network of partners to enhance knowledge sharing on corporate responsibility issues. We develop strong relationships with local communities, regulators and partners to drive sustainability. We form strategic alliances with learning institutions to build competence and sustainability-related capabilities internally and externally.



Financial strength

Our ability to help manage and mitigate risk is built on our financial strength, delivering a consistent and predictable performance with a balanced risk profile. The consequences to society of marine accidents can often last well into the future, so we need to be there over the long term to make good any damage done.

Corporate responsibility at Gard 

Corporate responsibility is about how we conduct our core business and is an integral part of our management processes and business culture. Our strategy and daily operations are focused on activities that create value, while at the same time have a positive effect on the environment, our Members and clients, employees and society at large.

We manage our business processes based on our core values - Friendliness, Adaptability, Integrity, and Result-oriented (FAIR) - and our ethical guidelines and whistle-blowing programme ensure all employees in our global organisation act in accordance with our agreed standards.

Our company’s employee retention and motivation is very high as a result of the company’s corporate responsibility activities, and we continuously work on improving core business practices to strengthen our reputation for sustainable operations.

The Gard – Red Cross partnership

Gard is an official partner of the Norwegian Red Cross. The aim is to strengthen the Red Cross’s humanitarian work while increasing the knowledge and engagement among our employees of the humanitarian situation in those countries and regions where we operate. Please follow us in our social channels to learn more about our partnership.

Gard corporate donations

In Gard, we believe in sharing knowledge and expertise to continuously raise standards and improve learning. Twice a year, Gard makes donations to charitable causes that share this view. To learn more about the process, eligible recipients and the terms and conditions that apply, please follow this link.

Would your charitable organisation like to be considered?
Please apply by filling in this form – next application deadline is 1 September 2019. Feedback will be given to all submitted applications in due course.